Our mission begins now. 
Black Gurl Arts is a creative network and movement dedicated to showcasing talented artists of all mediums, with featured stories, interviews and original content. We’re an initiative devoted to the Black womyn and gender non conforming  artists who are leaping boundaries and reaching new heights through their work, everyday.

What do you want to accomplish?

Essentially our purpose is to bring Black creatives together in a manner that we sometimes miss out on while attending art institutions and colleges. A sense of community that we don't receive from our homes and even in the creative world as professionals. We strive to share content that inspires, motivates, humors the soul and get you talking.

(personally) As an animator who as a child mirrored my whole career trajectory on a white male dominated industry. I became far more passionate about my craft after discovering blogs written by queer black womyn who (at the time) were either freshmen in art school or home grown creative powerhouses. These people took to the web and shared their stories and insights with the world, sometime with no intent of anyone ever reading it. But as a young artist, with no professional artists in my imediate family or area code, I looked to them for encouragement and enlightenment. 

In that light, I want to provide a hub of information, entertainment and content that speaks to artists world wide.

I want to curate content for us, the creatives that are often times left out of the discussion.

To include topics, subject matter and visuals from all around the world, in our voices and from our perspectives. 

The revolution will not be televised.... It will be streamed!